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Amazon targets 10,000 fake review Facebook groups

Picture Credit: Christian Wiediger

The American multinational technology corporation, Inc. specializes in online shopping, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. There have always been significant obstacles in the way of Amazon's efforts to eliminate fraudulent reviews regarding their products. Product reviews and star ratings are the two main markers of reliability for customers when they shop online, and it is imperative to pay attention to both.

According to a research conducted by BBC, the administrators of more than 10,000 Facebook groups are being sued, as it claims that the organizations are creating fictitious reviews for the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan markets on Amazon. The tech behemoth claims that the organizations offer cash or free goods in exchange for these reviews.

One of the groups had 43,000 members, until it was deleted by Facebook's parent firm Meta earlier this year. The administrators would issue refunds once the group members had made the necessary purchases and submitted their reviews for the products. There were many products involved, such as tripods for cameras and automobile stereos.

Numerous reviews, especially positive ones, increase a seller's visibility on Amazon's platforms and move them up in search engine results. Amazon merchants have the option of paying lawfully for services that guarantee to raise their online ratings without necessarily being aware that this will be accomplished through the use of faked reviews.

According to Amazon, the group administrators concealed words and phrases that would have been detected as rule-breaking by Meta's automatic systems. A Facebook post promising "R*fnd Aftr R*vew" was one example given, and once they were reported by Amazon, Meta removed around half of the groups.

PIcture Credit:Tingey Injury Law Firm

Amazon informed the BBC that all of its administrators are the target of this attack. Dharmesh Mehta, vice president of Amazon's selling partner services, stated that taking proactive legal action against unethical actors, is one of many ways the company protects customers by holding them accountable.

According to Meta, groups that advocate or solicit fraudulent reviews are deleted for violating their regulations. In order to combat spam and fraudulent reviews, they collaborate with Amazon on this issue. The UK is presently considering new measures that would make it illegal to pay someone to produce or host fake reviews.

It is evident that the number of fake reviews on Amazon is increasing. Brands following the rules should be aware of this issue, whether it stems from the behavior of sellers of substandard goods or even counterfeiters on Amazon. Brands and customers can spot fake reviews on Amazon by paying close attention to the language and wording of the review, the reviewers' profiles, and other reviews on the same page which uses identical wording.

Picture Credit: ABC News Website

July 29th 2022| 09:00 AM

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