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  • Saanya Amalean

Digital Friday >>> End of Ransomware?

It took a mere 0.115 seconds for a new experimental technology to disable newly denoted ransomware. Ransomware is essentially a type of cyberattack that encrypts files on victim's computers, rendering them useless until the ransom has been paid.

This latest software was developed by researchers from Australia's national science agency as well as a university in South Korea. It works by detecting the lowest level signals from a computer's operating system at the very moment the ransomware is released. and shuts the door, saving its contents.

However, spending on such high-end technology has more than doubled in the last five years to a staggering $9.11 billion. The innovation of the software is that it blocks files that are deemed to be malicious even before they are able to inflict any damage, through an automated hunt for suspicious activity and code on user's machines.

Nevertheless, this latest technology could be the next step towards propagating the end and eventual demise of ransomware as we know it.

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