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Digital Friday >>> How the TV Show “Alter Ego” is Using Digital Avatars of Contestants

Picture Source: Fox website

The new TV show “Alter Ego” is a singing competition set to hit the screens on September 22nd. However, unlike the other popular singing competitions we know and love like American Idol or The Voice, this new competition has a unique twist from its traditional counterparts that is taking the internet by storm. Instead of the contestants physically being present on stage, all the contestants will be presented live as a virtual avatar in front of the judges and audience!

The show which will go live on Fox TV has given the world a sneak glance at what Alter Ego will feature. In the show 20 contestants will be competing against each other and will have the chance to select what their digital avatar or their “Alter Ego” will look like, which will then be presented to the live audience and panel of judges.

Picture Source: Fox website

The “Alter Ego” avatars are controlled by the contestants backstage. These virtual avatars are created by using sophisticated motion capture technology and brought to life onstage for the judges and the audience to view in real time. Fox released a statement about the new show, “contestants won’t preform as themselves. Rather, they’ll be given the chance to show how they’ve always wanted to be seen, creating their dream avatar ALTER EGO to reinvent themselves and perform like never before”.

The show will have four judges who are Alanis Morissette, Nick Lachey, Grimes and, and the show will be hosted by Rocsi Diaz.

The Judges

Picture Source: Fox website

This new twist on traditional singing competitions could be the start of an entirely new era of virtual reality television shows, and this technology allows for a plethora of new ideas to be explored regarding virtual reality and how we can further enhance the experience.

Since the announcement was made, the news of “Alter Ego” has gone viral. But it has stirred mixed reactions from fans. While many have tweeted their excitement to watch the show, some have called the concept “scary”. Fans were also quick to point out that the concept was not new and that some software companies have already developed it and was using the technology in a similar manner.

The show also helps contestants who fear performing live onstage the chance to gain confidence and show their talent to the world. One of the contestants commented “People always judge me by the way I look, by the way, I sang. But I’ve realised I don’t have to be afraid”.

Alter Ego opens an entirely new avenue into how we can use virtual reality technology. But only time will tell if this is the dawn of a completely new age of how technology and entertainment can intertwine to grant us a truly magical experience.

Take a look at the technology at work here

September 17th 2021 | 11:15 AM

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