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Digital Friday>>> Netflix plans to launch its own video game studio

Picture Credit: Mobidictum Website

Netflix is establishing its own video game studio as it steps its efforts to form itself in the gaming business. Marko Lastikka, a former executive at Zynga and Electronic Arts, will serve as its CEO and it will be based in Helsinki, Finland. Lastikka is a well-known name in the game industry. He co-founded the Helsinki-based Zynga company, which produced FarmVille 3 under his direction.

According to BBC, small game businesses such as Night School Studio, the developer of Oxenfree, were previously acquired by Netflix, but the king of streaming is now moving much further and starting from scratch with a studio.

The "goal to develop a world-class games studio" was stated in a blog post by Amir Rahimi, VP of Game Studios at Netflix. It will deliver a variety of wonderful and intensely engrossing creative games with no commercials or in-app purchases.

Netflix reported a 200,000 subscriber decline in April and its 35% share price decline reduced the firm's market worth by more than $50 billion. The biggest subscriber loss in Netflix ever occurred between April and July 2022, although the company still has more than 220 million subscribers globally.

Why Helsinki?

Netflix acquired Helsinki-based Next Games in March 2022. It already has a working relationship with the game designer who created a mobile game inspired by the popular Stranger Things Netflix series.

Helsinki-based game researcher Annakaisa Kultima said, that this purchase would have influenced Netflix's choice and they are familiar with Helsinki's operations as well as Finland's development culture.

Every day, hundreds of games are released on the app stores. As a result, an individual must possess the necessary skills to stand out from the competition.

Just for mobile

In recent years, Netflix has become increasingly interested in the gaming sector. It has released a number of video game-themed series, including Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Arcane (based on League of Legends) (based on Cyberpunk: 2077).

Netflix and Ubisoft will create a live-action Assassin's Creed television series as well as a mobile game that will only be available on Netflix. It's ambiguous if the Netflix gaming company plans to create games only for mobile devices or if it will also pursue the home console market.

Independent industry expert Eric Seufert believes, Netflix is investing "quite substantially" in the gaming sector. “Working with external publishers on IP licensing deals becomes very time-consuming and complicated, so if they want to use a lot of their intellectual property, they will likely have to produce a lot of those games themselves”, he added.

However they can probably make use of some of the vast amounts of information they have on consumer preferences for video streaming content and there is a belief that their ultimate goal is to use these games as a component of the product content bundle and then integrate them into the Netflix world.

Picture Credit: FandomWire Website

September 30th 2022| 07:30 AM

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