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  • Rovindu Ambagolla

HR Special >>> Why Are People Quitting and Lying Flat?

Picture Credit: Energe Piccom

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and its devastating effects on the global economy, millions of people around the world have been dismissed from their occupations and as a result they have had to undergo tremendous pressure just to make ends meet. However, that wasn’t the only way that people ended up leaving their occupations, because the Coronavirus also triggered a movement of people to resign on their own accord as the pandemic helped them realise how unfulfilling their jobs are.

A record number of people have quit their job this year as the number of resignations in the US alone surpasses 24 million. The pandemic fulled trends like the Great Resignation in America and the Lie Flat movement in China to remind people that they hold the power to change the course of their future.

The Great Resignation in the US is an eye-opening protest and act of unison which opens a broader conversation surrounding the topic of work. With stagnating levels of income, lower levels of job security and higher costs of living, it has progressively become much more difficult for the younger generations to find financial stability. Similarly in China, the Lie Flat movement is in opposition to China’s demanding work culture and pressure to work from family, society and even the government. Xi Jinping himself condones the “Lie Flat” culture, but he still allows “996” work schedules to exist, which composes of individuals working from 9AM to 9PM for six days of the week. It just goes to show how by ruthlessly chasing economic superiority, countries run the risk of burning out majority of their workforce and shatter their motivation.

Picture Credit: Marten Bjork

The constant pressure to work has led to thousands of people leaving their jobs in the hope of finding something more fulfilling and meaningful to them. A poster on Baidu Taiba, a Chinese communications platform, commented “I haven’t been working for two years and I don’t see anything wrong with this. Pressure mainly comes from comparisons with your peers and the values of older generations. But we don’t have to follow them”. This comment is what sent the Lie Flat movement viral.

Having a job is important but loving what you do is essential. The reason why many people decide to quit their jobs is simply because they are not happy or fulfilled with the work they do, that’s why two-thirds of millennials who resigned from their jobs stated mental health concerns as being the main reason for their decision.

This is why it is so important to have a working environment which gives you a sense of purpose, and many people who join movements like the Great Resignation or the Lie Flat movement aren’t just protesting against the broken system, but they are also beginning a new journey to find the work they are truly passionate about.

December 9th 2021 | 5:00 PM

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