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Monday Market Musing >>> Squid Game has One Winner: Netflix

Picture Source: Euronews website

Squid game is a popular TV show which made its Netflix debut just last month on the 17th. Since then, the show has taken the internet by storm and is well on its way to become the platform’s biggest original series.

Squid Game is a show where hundreds of contestants have a chance to win $39 million if they can beat a series of six children’s games. The twist? The contestants are killed if they lose. The show has reeled in millions of fans from all over the world to see how the storyline unfolds. One viewer commented “I feel like the actor’s ability to portray such vivid emotions in the situation they are in is what makes this show really captivating. The episodes always end with a cliffhanger making the viewers crave more”.

Picture Source: Euronews website

But even if you haven’t seen the show, it’s easy to understand who the real winners of the game were - Netflix. Yipitdata has commented that global Netflix downloads have reached their highest levels this year, mainly driven by demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

The show has been so successful that it has even driven up Netflix’s stock price to new heights. Netflix shares have increased by 1.9% to $610.27 last Thursday. So far this week their stock is up almost 3%, making Netflix a high performer in comparison to other internet and technology giants.

Netflix has captivated millions of users all over the world with their engaging Netflix originals. They have already invested almost 770 billion Won in content creating in South Korea and has two studios which has dished out close to 80 television shows and movies. Squid Game’s success over Hollywood blockbusters might be an indication that viewers are keen to watch new content created from directors and performers from all around the world.

Picture Source: Teen Vouge website

It’s interesting to see how shows that create waves of excitement on the internet like Squid Game did, can bring multibillion dollar enterprises like Netflix to reconsider their approach and invest in directors, actors and actresses from all over the world, and empower them to create their own masterpieces.

If you want to check out what this new show is all about, click the link below:

October 04th 2021 | 11.45 AM

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