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  • Saanya Amalean

People Wednesdays >>> The 'losing your employee' conundrum

Imagine this. You want to be the perfect boss and you want all your employees to see you that way. You maintain healthy relationships with all your employees but deep down, there's this sinking feeling that you have knowing that one of them could walk out the door and leave for good. Your most vital asset to the company now gone in a flash.

Sometimes there is no real explanation, it could range from a need to explore new horizons, seek a change of pace or it could simply be work/life dissatisfaction. There are more cases like these than we would like to admit. As bosses and employers, we tend to overlook certain key factors that are essential in keeping employers happy and motivated in the workplace. That dismissive and nonchalant attitude does not work.

When people are in an environment where they can no longer grow, that tends to be the sign to call it quits, and most do. This creates huge gaps in productivity as employers are then tasked with finding a new candidate, one that would have to be groomed for the role all over again. Call it an "incubation period" but it exists and it costs an enourmous amount of time and money.

Golden rule: If you aren't invested in them, then they aren't likely to be invested in you. The way to overcome this conundrum is to understand that everyone in your company, including yourself, is on a learning curve. Meaning, every role no matter how minute, has a shelf life and the goal is to eventually climb up the slope. The trick is to never let your employees feel like they've reached a plateau.

Most individuals follow similar patterns - the inherent need to learn throughout our life span. As we learn, we experience higher levels of productivity as well as many feel-good chemicals.

In a nutshell, your business will have a mix of people. Some just starting to learn the ropes at the bottom of the slope. Some right at the crux of engagement, and others who have fine-tuned their skills and are at the higher end of the slope. Keeping a constant mixed bag is vital and those that have reached the top must be given a new learning curve. So there you have a comapany filled with engaged indivduals who always feel like they are making a contribution.

Instead of letting your employees linger in some sort of limbo, throw them into the cycle; Learn, Grow and Repeat.

Published 7th July 2021 | 5:57 pm

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