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  • Saanya Amalean

Sigirya Named Among the Seven New Wonders of the World by Bloomberg

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The Seven Wonders of the World, a phenomenon that bears much excitement and thrill as individuals from various countries and cultures await in hopes that a monument, natural wonder or place in their country would make a mark on the prestigious list.

Amongst Bloomberg's list of latest wonders, it comes as no suprise that Sri Lanka's most famous landmark, Sigirya has garnered a spot. An ancient palace etched into the 660 ft high marbled rock, it's magnificence is only further strengthened when seen in person. It comprises of an intricate array of cisterns and green gardens, with a winding stairway to reach the crowning citadel. It's hefty 1,200 steps might appear to drive away visitors but the view is definitely worth the climb.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

The rest of the list includes:

Antequera Dolmens, Spain - Three megalithic rock formations almost like that of a Spanish Stonehenge. The structure resembles giant caves with each boulder weighing as much as 180 tons.

Baalbek, Lebanon - A 2,000 year old, 65 ft ruin situated 50 miles east of of the capital Beirut. It is one the largest temple compounds of its kind giving the appearance of a city complex more than a single site on its own,

Nahanni, Canada - The Nahanni National Park Reserve is home to some of North America's most obscure and breath-taking geological formations. It features a symphony of towering granite spires, isolated lakes and glacier-carved canyons.

Top End Rock Art, Australia - Aboriginal communities go back millenia in Australia. Top End, regarded as the northernmost tip of the Northern Territory contains a sparse array of red-hued rock adorned with a constellation of Aboriginal paintings and art. Some are said to be more than 600,000 years old.

Kelp Forests, South Africa - This shallow underwater jungle is home to millions of creatures. With mammoth vines that ebb and flow amidst the dark waters, this spectacular phemomenon spans more than twice the length of the Grand Canyon.

San Agustin, Colombia - A frenzy of approximately 500 megalithic statues scattered around the mountain hamlet of San Agustin. These figures are said to be burial markings erected close to 2,000 years ago.

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