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  • Saanya Amalean

Triple Bottom Tuesdays >>>Farm to Fork Wastage and Climate Effect

According to a report, more than 2 billion tons of food goes uneaten every year.

Food waste has been a global problem that has only further worsened with each passing decade. Today's global issues suggests the increasingly polarised nature that societies now live in, one where food waste is on the rise just as much as hunger is, and to top it all, climate change is becoming a more serious threat.

An estimated 2.5 billion tons of food is lost on farms or wasted by consumers and retailers globally, based on data from the World Wildlife Fund and U.K. retailer Tesco PLC.

"We have known for years that food loss and waste is a huge problem that can be minimised, which in turn could reduce the impact of food systems on nature and climate", said Pete Pearson, the global lead for food loss and waste at the WWF.

Previous assumptions that food loss on farms was an issue in mainly poorer regions and countries has now been debunked. A new report indicated that high and middle-income countries as well as parts of industrialised Asia, contribute to 58% of the global harvest waste.

The report called for food companies and governments to adopt the Target-Measure Act approach. This strategy sets food waste reduction targets, measures food waste and surplus, as well as suggests companies to take action with their operations and from suppliers as well as consumers.

Published 27th July 2021 | 11:17 am

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