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  • Saanya Amalean

Triple Bottom Tuesdays >>> Is Bentley ready to give up gasoline and GO BIO?

On the 27th of June this year, the Bentley Continental GT3 raced up Pike's Peak in Colorado, making its first ever test run on renewable racing biofuel.

The 1000 horsepower V8 engine was propelled by a low-carbon, high octane fuel that produces 85% less greenhouse gas than gasoline. The Continental GT3 recorded the fourth-fastest time at the 99th running of Pike's Peak International Hill Climb. It's performance at the event marked the first step in Bentley's journey towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030, an effort 102 years in the making.

Pike's Peak International Hill Climb is a no easy feat, with 156 turns and an elevation gain of more than 5,000 feet. The climb is noted for many of its iconic drivers such as Michelle Mouton and Ari Vatanen as well its notoriously dangerous roads and sharp winds.

Paul Williams, Bentley's director of motorsport said that the biofuel used in the race costs roughly the five times the price of regular gasoline, yet a fraction of the price of other e-fuels aquired from hydrogen and synthesised menthanol.

Whilst the British car manufacturer is known for its classy luxury, high-end coaches, it also has a reputation amongst some of the world's top race cars. The GT3 was essentially modified beyond recognition as a Bentley, with a massive rear wing and cooling air scoops to replace the rear windows.


Entering the Continental GT3 into the Hill Climb was the first step into Bentley's sustainability programme - Beyond100. The initiative aims to have it's entire model range offer a hybrid variant by 2023 and its entire line offered as electric by 2030.

The first fully electric Bentley is said to be released in 2025.

Published 13th July 2021 | 12:49 pm

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