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  • Saanya Amalean

World Politics >>> Is Team Biden Losing Its Way?

The U.S has seen a growing partisan polarisation with each passing year, since George W. Bush won the presidency in the 2000 elections. Anything of political substance goes to waste as there is often a vast majority of the opposition against whatever policies and decisions are brought to the table.

Biden's approval rating in mid-June stood at 56% but is now gradually festering away with a current standing at 50%. Presidential aproval is one metric used by political analysts to determine the "direction of the country", yet many citizens find themselves hesitant about the pathway they are being led into.

What plagues Biden's decline goes beyond first-term summer jitters. For months after his inauguration, one issue remained transfixed at the forefront of the Biden agenda: voting access and more specifically, the For The People Act. This political offensive progressed rapidly and expanded into high-profile assualts on the Republican voting process and legislation across a number of states.

Although the issue ran its course and eventually the dust settled, the democrats wasted vast amounts of political capital on this venture, leavning minimal public resonance.

The sprawling legislative agenda by the Biden Administration has left the general public more pessimistic. For example, BidenCare could have focused on one fundamental aspect - child care, instead it focuses on everything, which in turn means there's ultlimately nothing. Instead, people are left with just a flurry of empty "plans".

At present, the average American will see: unpoliced urban crime, rampant homelessness, pandemic threats growing larger by the day, vaccination hesitancy, and the list goes on. Even when looking at Biden's foreign policy movements, there appears to be an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, from the U.S. pullout in Afghanistan to Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal.

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