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BL Personality of the Week #1 - Dr Victor Hettigoda of Siddhalepa

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

In a world we are constantly bombarded with updates on how great the Amazon founder Bezos is and how visionary Steve Jobbs was, it is easy to forget and turn a blind eye to some of our own entrepreneurs. Who built enterprise and dynasties from absolutely nothing to what it is today. BL Weekly Note is dedicated to reminding the Lankan business community and young business enthusiasts about our own heritage of entrepreneurs.

(Credits - Siddhalepa Resort)

The man, the brand, the balm.

One balm which went on to become an essential in every home in Sri Lanka. But the story is equally fascinating. It is a story of persistence. At the beginning no one believed in a Sri Lankan made balm, rejected in almost every city he tried to sell it, there were days where he will sleep on the pavements, he will give the medicine and just earn a few rupees.

But he never took NO for an answer. Persistence was his secret ingredient. Today it has become a house hold brand name and seen as the silver bullet for many aches and pains Sri Lankans of all ages might face. It is seen as the Dr that every home should have. But don't forget the start.

For all entrepreneurs struggling, for all entrepreneurs feeling they have lost their way, this man's story reminds you that if you refuse to take NO for an answer and keep knocking on all possible doors, the doors will open up.

Meanwhile, for all those entrepreneurial headaches you have, perhaps some Siddhalepa balm would do.

Authored by Editor in Chief : Tharindu Ameresekere

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