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Midnightdivas: Creating the modern day Kama Sutra

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

(Team Business Lounge explores the enticing story of one man's daring vision to enter the world of lingerie and create the modern day Kama Sutra)

When Narendra Jayasuriya first created this brand it was at the expense of a few raised eyebrows but it really has changed the way we express the naturalness of sex and sensuality. All of which has never been showcased in one store let alone one brand before. Here’s the inside story on how a simple lingerie brand went on to script the modern day Kama Sutra in Sri Lanka.

1) Why did you want to come up with a store like this ?

Midnightdivas celebrates the divinity and strength of the feminine and we are now in an era where this is more prolific than ever. The world is no longer hiding behind taboo subjects and old wives thinking or stigma. Instead we see a stronger, more expressive and equally expensive woman emerging.

Women have always been the bedrock of every society, but very often their thoughts and views are suppressed when it comes to the divinity or celebration of their physical bodies. The celebration of the human body is somewhat left out of the emotional quotient unlike in Europe where it really is expressed widely.

Our brand really is about expressing ones feminine and fiercely celebrating emotions, expression and sensual energy. Enjoying your body be it whatever size, shape or form is really the spirit behind our brand. The body is beautiful and a woman is free to express this. A store like this allows for the creative release of such expressions. We have come a long way from when we first started and the success of our previous stores and online following underpin our decisions to open a bigger, better store catering to a wider choices in lingerie and female fashion ware and accessories in Sri Lanka.

2) What do you think about the progress this business has made?

When I first created this brand it certainly was at the expense of a few raised eyebrows but it really has changed the way we express the naturalness of sex and sensuality. All of which has never been showcased in one store let alone one brand before.

Just because we are Sri Lankan should it restrict our expressions or restrict our need for sensual experiences..? Our brand is not about selling lingerie. It’s about making a woman feel beautiful no matter what size or shape she may be. When a woman feels great about herself then it affects how she see’s herself and the world around her.

This has a huge impact on her life and confidence. Must we restrict and limit our expectations of ourselves as a result of old thinking and stereotypical hypocritical cultural beliefs that restrict us from expressing our inner desires… I don’t think so. The success of our brand just goes to show that we are changing as a people and really allowing a sense of authenticity to drive our choices as oppose to culture or traditional beliefs that have never allowed us to celebrate the goddess of our women and their bodies…

3. Do you think it fits the Sri Lankan mindset and culture?

Well if you asked me this question a few years ago I would answer no. But my question is ‘why not’. Was not the Kama Sutra written by the Pias and most venerated Verdic philosophers.. was it not in keeping with the sacredness of Asian culture? Midnightdivas in my eyes is the Kama Sutra of our time here in this country.

We have had such a huge following from the day we started. I think Sri Lanka was always ready and it just needed a brand like this to unleash its sensual expressiveness.

4) There are other lingerie collections in Sri Lanka. How does this brand differ to them?

Our styles, quality, and collection are varied and vastly different. We are the first in this Country to break the taboo and create a market and yes it feels wonderful to see others follow in our footsteps. It certainly hasn’t affected the relationship we have with our client.

Our brand doesn’t sell lingerie, it sells a story, a life style... You certainly can’t buy confidence off a shelf or rack. Our clients have grown with us and share our brands Ethos for expressing ones sexuality to the fullest.

5) Future plans

Let's just say we love to surprise our fans...After all the element of surprise is always more exciting.

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